About Us

With our express minivan service, we ensure that the companies we work with enter the market at competitive prices, while we secure their transportation operations with technology that can be monitored 24 hours a day with the satellite tracking system and CMR insurance.

We provide Speedy Truck, minivan express transportation service. Our customers are informed of the shipment tracking in real time and the delivery is made on time with our expert transportation team in express cargo transportation. According to your preference, Naklico provides door-to-door service by providing internal European transportation. Countries we serve.

Why Naklico Express?

Advanced Technology
A control panel designed with advanced technology where you can monitor your shipments, get detailed reports and track your payments.
Smart Pricing
Get instant prices for part, partial and complete cargo transportation thanks to the pricing feature developed with a smart algorithm.
Insurance Assurance
Safe transportation that insures every shipment and reduces the risk of damage to part, partial and complete shipments with minimum transfer.
Advanced Reporting
Maximum transparency and confidence in logistics operations with advanced reports and analytics provided by the control panel and performance center.
Fast Delivery
With Naklico, you can transport minivans anywhere in Europe in the safest and fastest way whenever you want.
Customer Focused
A customer-oriented approach that always listens to you, develops technology and improves cargo transportation operations, and constantly renews itself.

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