When looking at partial transportation, it is expected that the products to be transported primarily will be in the category of products that can be exported.

Then, products with different owners can be easily transported with partial transportation. With the rapid change experienced by the logistics sector, the types of services have changed in line with the demands and wishes of the needy. It is a type of transportation that emerged with the development of flexible logistics methods.

Partial transportation, which is a type of transportation that can respond to the expectations of customers in the most appropriate way, is used in different countries such as Germany, Italy, Iraq, France, England, China, Bulgaria, Russia, Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary.

The answer to the question of how partial transportation is made can be defined as the process of transporting products or goods ordered by one or more buyers and from different companies as a single and combined load to different people and points.

What is Partial Transport?

The type of partial transport used in each country may differ. For this reason, the answer to the question of how to do partial freight transportation is different for each country. The meaning of the word partial should be looked at before the points of what is partial transportation and how it is done.
Partial is a word meaning not all.

Goods or products transported in partial transportation are carried in the same transportation vehicle. It is called the transportation of goods or partial loads of different customers on the same route with the same transportation vehicle.