Sending samples from the health sector, transporting fresh blood and living organs, transporting flowers and plant products are included in refrigerated or cold transport. With refrigerated transportation, the required temperature of the products is preserved throughout the journey, so that the products do not experience situations such as deterioration, deformation or melting.

It should be placed on the packaging of the products to be transported refrigerated, or above the level at which the product should be transported for the person who will carry out the transport. The answer to the question of what is refrigerated transportation: It is the transportation of products that can deteriorate due to deformation, deformation and similar conditions according to temperature conditions, with special refrigerated vehicles.

What is Complete Transport?

Frigo transportation is another name in the logistics terminology of cold chain cargo transportation. This mode of transport has different kinds of product categories. These are standard, cool, cold and freeze.

Special vehicles are needed for refrigerated transportation or cold transportation. Generally, cold chain cargo is preferred for food sector and medical transports. Examples of these products are beverage and food materials, dairy products, drugs and pharmaceutical industry products, meat and fish products.