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Complete Transportation, or FTL Transportation, is the most basic and most important transportation method known. In this article, we will try to explain matters suc as; What is Complete Transport? What are the vehicles and features of FTL Transport? What are the advantages of Complete Transport? What are FTL Transport delivery times and prices? We will also explain the concrete differences between CCS and other companies engaged in FTL Transport.

What is Complete Transport?

The transportation of a company’s cargo by being loaded on a single transportation vehicle alone is called Complete Transportation; the load carried in this way is called Complete Cargo. It is also known as FTL Transport, which is the initials of the words Full Truck Load, which means full trailer load in English. Complete transportation is the most suitable transportation method in terms of speed, safety and price. In this type of transportation, your products do not see transfer and handling as in the warehouse or cargo model, or the vehicle does not wait to find other loads to set off as in piece cargo transportation.Instead, it takes its load with vehicles such as a pickup truck, 6 or 10 wheels, or 40-foot trucks or lorries, respectively, and heads directly towards the customer.

Vehicles Used and Their Features

Pickup Truck

6 Wheel Truck

10 Wheel Truck

Vehicles with a maximum laden weight not exceeding 3.500 kg and with 2 axles. After deducting the case weight, the remaining net carrying capacity is between 1.500 – 1.750 Kg. Case lengths are in the range of 330 – 400 cm. Those with axle distances below 320 cm can pass through the 2nd bridge, while those with longer wheelbases have to use the 3rd bridge, like trucks.

It is also known as “Isuzu” by being identified with a brand among transporters. They are vehicles with a maximum laden weight not exceeding 7.500 kg and with 2 axles. After deducting the case weight, the remaining net carrying capacity is between 3.500 – 4.000 Kg. Case lengths vary between 400 – 500 cm.

These are the vehicles with a maximum laden weight not exceeding 25.000 kg and with 3 axles. After deducting the case weight, the remaining net carrying capacity is approximately 15.000 kilograms. Case lengths are mainly around 720 cm.

40 Foot Truck


They are 4-axle vehicles with a net carrying capacity of 20.000 kilograms. Case lengths vary between 790 – 820 cm. The 40 Foot Trucks on the market have a very large percentage of flatbeds.

This word is actually an abbreviation formed from the initials of the words “Transports Internationaux Routiers”, which means “International Road Transport” in French. In daily life, it is used to define 5-axle vehicles with a net carrying capacity of 25,000 kilograms.

Complete Transportation Advantages

Price Advantage:
Complete Transportation is the most economical transportation model among all transportation options. As long as you have enough cargo to completely fill one of the vehicle types mentioned above.
Saving Time
FTL Transport never loses the first place in terms of speed. It is the fastest mode of transport of all transport options. It does not wait for other loads as in piece vehicles, nor certain departure times as in cargo or warehouse transportation. As soon as the download is finished, it sets off immediately and is directed directly to the receiver.
The address of the cargo owners is usually the cargo companies. However, such transporters do not carry all the cargoes, and they are extremely selective in terms of packaging type and content. However, in the FTL Transportation model, you can easily transport all kinds of materials in any kind of packaging or in bulk, such as pallets, barrels, drums, barrels, IBC tanks, big bags, etc.
Low Damage And Loss Rate
In your transports with cargo and warehouse companies, your products are transferred and handled at many different points. As the number of transfers and handling increases, so does the rate of damage, loss and misdelivery. In the Complete Transport type, these possibilities are at their lowest.

Complete Transport Companies and CCS

Complete Transport is the most widely offered service model in the market, both because it is the most preferred option by customers and because it is extremely easy to do. This situation brings with it some serious risks. CCS, on the other hand, offers fast, safe and affordable transportation services to our valued customers as a whole. The topics that we differ on are explained below:

Countrywide Prevalence: Our company provides FTL Transportation services to 81 Provinces and 922 Districts of Turkey through more than 20 offices.

Fast Vehicle Supply: Your notices received by us are immediately evaluated. The tools you need are provided within half an hour at most. The loaded products are taken out without delay and delivered to their buyers as soon as possible.

Attentive Service: We work with great effort and devotion to deliver the products you ship to their buyers without damage, loss and on time.

Regular Reporting: You can follow the products you have delivered to us moment by moment throughout their journey, and you can access the delivery documents images on our website.

Fast: As soon as we receive your cargo from you, we set out on the same day without wasting any time, and deliver it to the recipients in the fastest way.

Price Advantage: Until today, you have always been stuck between high price / poor quality service options. You can get out of this vicious circle by starting to work with CCS. Please read the rest of our article to review our delivery times and prices.

Our Delivery Times

We deliver within 1 working day to locations with a distance of 900 kilometers or less between loading and unloading addresses, and in a maximum of 2 working days to points above this. We offer optional double driver option to our customers.

Thus, we help you to overcome the extended delivery times due to daily driving times. For detailed information, please review our website thoroughly. Visit our Facebook page to receive news from us.

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Our Prices

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