What is International Transport? What are the types?

What is International Transport? What are the types?

What is international transport? What are the types? To explain in a simple way, it is the transportation of an item, good or product from country to country using different transport means. There are transport routes using roads such as road, rail, sea and air. There are different types of transport in international transport. So what are these types? International transportation is done by transport routes. International house-to-house transport are types such as road, rail, air and sea transport.

Sometimes, “Intermodal and Multimodal” transportation can be used to make a more efficient transportation. The difference between multimodal and intermodal transport type depends on the type of contracts and the amount of logistics management involved. There is unimodal international transport as well as multimodal and intermodal. Unimodal is the transport of goods using only one of the modes of transport. As the name suggests, the highway is made by sea, by sea, by air with the help of planes, and by rail, by train. In addition to these, there are also pipeline transports.

How is International Transportation done?

How to transport between countries? It is a process that is carried out using different transportation routes and the transportation time varies according to the transportation route. By using many logistics companies, you can make the transportation you want to the place you want. International transportation, which has an important place for export and import, also plays an important role in the relationship between countries. You can agree with logistics companies and shipping companies for international transportation. Then, you can send the product and goods you want to send through these companies by choosing the transportation way you want. However, there are some regulations and document processes that you must fulfill for transportation. After completing these processes, you can safely send your shipments.

What is International Logistics Transportation?

What is logistics transportation between countries? This transport acts as a bridge that strengthens trade and inter-country relations. It is the process of safely transporting customers’ transportation operations from the starting point to the destination they need to reach. This transportation process is of great importance in terms of international trade. Services from the point where a raw material is produced to the point where it is consumed and the final product is transported to the desired location with the help of logistics transportation. More than one transport path is used for this process. International transportation companies take the desired raw material to the place where it needs to be taken and deliver it with the transportation way you prefer. You can make logistics transportation by choosing the most suitable way for the raw material or product to be transported among more than one transportation option.

Types of International Carriage Contracts

What are the types of international carriage contracts? The types of transportation contracts vary according to the names of the contracts, the mode of transportation, the vehicles used, the type of transportation and finally the carrier. Contract documents have different names. For example, the sea bill of lading (Ocean Bill of Lading) is used for maritime transport. On the railroad, the railway bill is used. Truck bill of lading or CMR is used in road transport. Finally, the Airway Bill is used in the airline. In addition to these, there are contracts drawn up by the international federation of transporters’ associations and transporters. These contracts;

Forwarder’s Certificate of Transport (FCT): Freight transport document of the forwarder,
FIATA Negotiable Combined Transport Bill of Lading (FBL): FIATA negotiable mixed transport bill of lading,
FIATA Warehouse Receipt (FWR): FIATA Warehouse Certificate,
Through Bill of Lading (TBL): Bill of Lading.

International Transport Types

What are the types of international transportation? It can be examined under four different headings. These can be named as road, sea, air and railway. Different contracts and documents are prepared according to the mode of transport preferred by the customers. Each of them has a different contract, payment method and document arrangement. In addition, the scope of the prepared transport contracts also varies. Some of the documents prepared are issued by international transport companies, while others are made directly by the sender. You can read the rest of the article to get more detailed information about the types of transportation. For transportation operations such as project, import, export and cargo, you can choose the most convenient and cost-effective one among these four transportation ways.


Road Transport

What is road transport? Although it is one of the most preferred ways among international transportation types, it is a key transportation way. This transportation method is among the transportations where competition is experienced the most. As it is a type of non-stop door-to-door transportation, there is less wear on the goods and safe transportation with the VIP option.


Sea Freight

Sea transportation is the most preferred and demanded type of transportation in the world. The fact that it is safe and low cost is also effective in being preferred a lot. In addition, sea transportation is divided into tramp and liner transportation. Transportation of materials such as timber, mine, coal, tramp, container and ro-ro transportation are also included in liner transportation.


Air Freight

What is air transport? Airline, as the name suggests, is transportation using airplanes. Multiple types of products are one of the international transportation methods by air transportation. Transportations such as projects, cargo, dangerous goods, funerals, valuable documents, valuable commodities, worthless documents, consolidated cargo, transit loading system can be done by air.


Railway Transportation

Railway transportation is generally preferred by transit countries at closer distances. It is more preferred by states because it is suitable for heavy tonnage and bulky cargoes in transportation. By enacting the law on liberalization of Turkish railway transportation with its structure that also alleviates the road load, changes were made to make it more preferred with encouraging regulations.


International Freight Prices

International transportation prices vary according to the chosen transportation route. When moving to any country, calculations are made on the basis of items such as distance, dangers, taxes, costs. International transportation shipping prices may increase or decrease depending on the practices of the countries and the material being transported. Customs charges are also added to this fee. There is no specific fee for international transport shipping charges. Although shipping charges are considered excessively high, it depends on the item being transported and the destination country.


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Frequently Asked Questions

If we list the frequently asked questions in the field of international transportation;


  • What does international transport mean?
  • What does international shipping mean?
  • What does logistics mean?
  • What does a CMR certificate mean?
  • Which countries have transport services?
  • Which transportation methods are preferred for international transportation?
  • Why are shipping prices volatile?
  • What is insured transportation?
  • How is road transport done?
  • What can be transported in maritime transport?
  • Which companies can be preferred for air transportation.
  • What is transported in rail transport?
  • For which transportations are cargo companies such as DHL used?


You can find the answers to these questions in our article.


How is Dangerous Goods Transported in International Transport?

There are different guidelines for land, air, sea and railway for dangerous goods transport in international transportation. It is made using strong materials such as chemical tankers, tank containers, etc. There may be extra payments for these transports. Transportation is carried out with environmentally friendly chemical transport tankers.


Most Preferred International Transport Modes

Among the international transportation modes, road transportation is the most preferred and has the most traffic. It is followed by maritime transport. Railway transportation is also a means of transportation that alleviates the traffic on the road. Unimodal transportation is one of the most preferred international transportation methods. It is the transportation made by only one of the transportation ways of the goods. Multimodal transportation is transportation made by more than one way.


What is Transit Transportation?

It means that the goods are not stuck in customs while transiting through the territory of a third country while being transported from one country to another. In other words, it means that a cargo goes out of the country by passing through the land and sea routes of those countries, with the delay of customs duties or prohibitions.


What is Combined Transport?

During a transportation, it is the transportation of the transportation from the exit point to the destination by at least two transportation ways. Transporting a load by combining two different or more modes of transport, such as air and land, sea and land, means combined transport.

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