Biggest Logistics Companies

Biggest Logistics Companies

There are many shipping companies in Turkey and internationally. Many shipping companies, especially in international deliveries, try to provide the best service against factors such as bad weather conditions and long distances. Logistics companies have become strong logistics companies known for their services. There are many logistics companies in Turkey for export and import. Some of these are logistics companies such as Ceva Logistics and Omsan Logistics. There are Turkish companies that have come to very good places not only in the transportation of products and goods, but also in the export of logistics.


Netlog Lojistik Hizmetleri and Ekol Logistics, which are one of these companies, are among the largest known logistics companies. These companies are followed by Borusan Lojistik and Mars. Logistics companies have become a driving force of the economy by carrying the export burden of the country. Logistics companies, which have the power to affect the economy and daily life of the country, are of great importance for countries. While famous companies in the world are companies such as DHL, UPS and FedEx, in Turkey they are

companies such as Borusan Lojistik, Ekol and Mars.


What is Logistics?

What is logistics? The correct answer is the transfer of services, products, goods from one place to another using sea, air and land routes. Logistics companies strengthen the economy of the countries they are connected to, thanks to the service they provide. It occupies an important position. Cargo companies determine their position among other companies thanks to their domestic and international service quality. Borusan Logistics, one of the largest cargo companies in Turkey, is a leading company compared to other companies. Ekol and Mars logistics follow. In addition to these companies, International shipping companies also provide services in Turkey. The best leading cargo companies such as UPS, DHL, FedEx are the leading companies in the world with their safe and high service quality. Logistics companies play an important role in country relations with the services they provide in the international and domestic context. You can find more detailed information about Turkish companies such as Ekol, Mars and Borusan in the continuation of the article.


Turkey’s Largest Logistics Companies

There are many active logistics companies in Turkey. Companies such as Ekol Logistics, Mars and Borusan Logistics are among the largest and leading logistics companies in Turkey. Borusan Lojistik provides integrated logistics services by bringing together the companies it owns under the name of Borusan Lojistik. Borusan Lojistik provides services with its branches such as pipe transportation and bortrans. Companies such as Ekol, Omsan and Mars, which are among the largest logistics companies in Turkey, take the name Logistics after their names and provide services in international areas.


Logistics companies, which provide services in all transportation areas such as land, sea and air, have important places both in the country and abroad with the high service quality they provide. Ekol Transport is a company that provides services in many areas such as warehouse management and customs clearance. Ekol offers services such as foreign trade and supply chain management to its customers. Mars is one of the companies that contribute to the sector with its excellent services. Borusan, on the other hand, is one of the largest companies providing international services with its many companies.


Ekol Logistics Inc.

Ekol Logistics has a good position among logistics companies based in Turkey. Like leading logistics companies, it also provides services in the international arena. Ekol is among the 3rd party integrated logistics companies. It was established by Ahmet Mosul and his friends in 1990 in Istanbul. Ekol is a company that organizes freight in international transportation.

In addition, Ekol Turkish is known for the innovation it has brought to the transportation sector. Ekol, chosen as Turkey’s most admired logistics company, provides services primarily in Turkey, but also in Germany, Sweden, Italy, Greece, France, Ukraine, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Romania, Hungary, Spain, Poland, Czechia, and Bulgaria. Ekol makes the best use of air, land and sea routes in cities such as İzmir and Ankara. Ekol, like its name, has started a new Ekol in the logistics industry. Later, Mars Logistics follows him.


Mars Logistics

After Ekol Logistics, Mars Logistics, which has an important place among logistics companies in Turkey, carries out land, air and sea transportation. It also offers services such as Mars Intermodal Transportation, customs clearance and insurance. Mars is active in many cities and countries from Turkey to Europe with its services such as project transportation, fair transportation, logistics storage. The company also has different business lines under the name of “Logiworld”. It has various publications such as Mars Logiclub, Logilife, Logiacademy. The company not only carries out logistics operations, but also works with such media in a customer-oriented manner. Aiming to give young talents a chance and to guide them in the best way, Mars cooperates with universities. Starting with the establishment of Istanbul, Mars later added “Logistics” to its name and opened to the international market.


Borusan Logistics

Borusan Logistics, which is among the important companies such as Ekol and Mars logistics companies, is among the most prominent and important logistics companies in Turkey. Borusan Lojistik has the 3rd largest digital logistics platform in Europe outside of Turkey. Borusan Logistics, which has many services such as customs clearance, ETA, automotive logistics, warehousing, has a strong place not only in Turkey but also among international logistics companies with its strong management team and team. Borusan Lojistik offers fast solutions to its customers with its digital platform Eta. Eta is a trucker mobile application.

More than 150 trucks and trucks are registered on the Borusan Lojistik Eta platform, and they also organize more than 30,000 trips per month. Borusan Lojistik aims to meet the expectations of its customers in the best way possible. In addition, Borusan Logistics owns the Borusan Logistics port in Gemlik, Bursa. Being a first in Turkey, Borusan Lojistik is a pioneering and exemplary company for logistics companies such as Ekol and Mars.


Omsan Logistics

Omsan Lojistik is among other logistics companies such as Ekol, Mars and Borusan logistics. This company, which has been providing logistics services all over the world for 42 years, has signed many success stories. Omsan, which is among the most important logistics companies in Turkey, is a company that aims to provide logistics services to companies of all sizes. Omsan logistics company is not like other logistics companies, but rather deals with automotive logistics. They provide logistics services to 415,000 vehicles annually. It offers the best service to its customers with a service area of 1.2 million square meters in Turkey and abroad, such as road, transport railway fleet, dry cargo ship and cement ship. Borusan is a pioneer in this sense for logistics companies such as Mars and Ekoll.


Netlog Logistics Services

Netlog Logistics Services has an important position among the leading logistics companies in Turkey. Netlog, which is among the big companies like Borusan, provides logistics services to many countries in the international arena, especially in Turkey. Netlog, which provides services in the international arena with services such as road, sea, air, intermodal, project cargo transportation and customs, provides logistics and storage, cold food chain, land transportation, dedicated micro distribution, B2B partial network and finally liquid transportation in Turkey. Logistics companies generally provide services on air, land and sea routes. Netlog is actively involved in many areas apart from these. Thus, it has become an exemplary company among other logistics companies.


The World’s Largest Logistics Companies

Apart from the logistics companies in Turkey, there are 3 largest and most important logistics companies in the world serving in Turkey. Which logistics companies are these? DHL, UPS and FedEx. German cargo and forwarding company DHL is a company that uses international shipping, transportation, cargo, air, land and sea routes as well as railways. DHL also has an important place in Turkey. In addition to DHL, UPS is among the international logistics companies serving in Turkey. DHL is a German company and is based in the USA, and UPS is also established in the USA. UPS is an American multinational package and delivery company. In addition,

UPS expanded its business over time and established a partnership in Germany, where DHL is also affiliated, and opened a branch there. FedEx is another company that provides services in Turkey, such as DHL and UPS. The company was established in the USA. Unlike other companies, it is the first company that started to deliver packages by air. In addition to being the first company to deliver packages by air, FedEx invented the first drop box.



DHL is based in America. But DHL is a German logistics company. Established in America, DHL has grown over time and expanded its services worldwide. As a company under the name of Air Cargo, DHL entered the Hawaiian Islands with the inter-island cargo system. The firm had more than 100 employees at the DHL Air Cargo company. DHL was a company dealing with overseas and intercontinental service. However, FedEx, which is among another big logistics company, has driven expansion and growth in America with its increasing success. The DHL brand has been influenced by this growth and expansion, making it a large and powerful company like FedEx. DHL provides domestic and international mail, air, sea, land and rail transportation. In addition, it started to transport to Turkey by rail with DHL “DB Mobility Logistics”. DHL continues to serve strongly with its many logistics networks.


UPS (United Parcel Service)

Another great logistics leader is UPS. Like FedEx, UPS started out as an America-based cargo and shipping company. UPS, which is among the big logistics companies, has become a multinational package and delivery company whose journey started in America. UPS opened its first overseas branch in Germany after growing.


UPS, which has become a global transportation company, provides services in more than 220 countries. With the growth of FedEx, there have been developments in the field of US cargo companies. With UPS tracking solutions, it offers solutions to its customers in order to track their domestic and international shipments. UPS, which has global shipping services and many service packages, helps companies to ship to their customers in the safest and fastest way. UPS offers its customers a system where they can track their cargo moment by moment for international shipments. UPS, which is especially important for companies in Turkey, is an important cargo company for international shipments of many companies.



FedEX is one of the US-based cargo companies that achieved a first in the world. FedEx, which found the first drop-off box, also carried out the first inter-island air transportation. Considered one of the most respected and trusted companies in the world, FedEx provides a variety of transportation, e-commerce and corporate services to many companies and customers around the world. FedEx is a company that has lifted restrictions on air cargo transportation. FedEx, whose couriers started using handheld computers for the first time, started its international service by first serving Canada. FedEx, which starts the delivery time every morning at 10:30 in the USA, has revealed its vision with the assurance of timely and accurate delivery. Cargo companies such as FedEx, DHL, UPS reach many companies and customers internationally.

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