What is Vedop? How is it calculated?

What is Vedop? How is it calculated?

The answer to the question of what is Vedop; It is the abbreviation of “Tax Offices Full Automation Project”. The answer to what is the Vedop system; It is a faster and safer way to carry out the transactions made in the tax office with the digital environment. It helps you save time spent in tax office with internet connection from any device. Legal obligations within Vedop have been provided by digital communication and an internet tax office has been established. Automated bureaucratic processes have become an interactive tax office for traders.

This system, which is an internet tax office, has also accelerated the tax transactions in Turkey with 1200 tax offices, enabling individuals and institutions to save time. One of the reasons for being an interactive tax office is that all kinds of inquiries, declaration inquiries, tax debt payments can be made in the web environment. Other public institutions of the Republic of Turkey can also use the interactive tax office and benefit from digital advantages. Thus, tax liabilities have become easier to follow. Anyone who is involved in trade can use this internet tax office.

How to Make Vedop Inquiry?

After answering the question of what is Vedop, that is, what is the internet tax office; Thanks to this automation system, which is an interactive tax office and designed by the Ministry of Finance, and the query system, export declarations and tax debt payments of traders can be made. When you enter the website of the interactive tax office, the tax-related terms that appear to search; What is the AZO status? It gives information about the transfer of the AZO declaration to the AZO system in the internet tax office. What is the Output Serial Number? The answer to the question is the output serial number of the declaration you want to query. What is ETGB? It is the online version of the guarantee document given to companies that are ETGB cargo (shipping) carriers.

What is the Purpose of Vedop?

The purpose of the Vedop interactive tax office is to carry out the tax return inquiry processes of the traders to the digital environment, enabling them to be done faster and more accurately. You can reach the interactive tax office through the website of the Revenue Administration. The Revenue Administration aimed to facilitate transactions for individuals and institutions with tax obligations through the interactive tax office. The purpose of this system, which is also the internet tax office, has been determined as the registration of unregistered economic activities. The registration of unregistered trades with this system will both benefit the country’s economy and contribute to the creation of a more transparent trade environment. While reaching its goal, it provides the requirements of the digital world with transactions such as paying tax debts, querying the tax return.

What Does Vedop Do?

After giving the answer to the interactive tax office, which is the answer to the question of what is Vedop, we are faced with the question of what does this internet tax office do. At the same time, it makes tax payments not only for commerce but also for everyone who has tax obligations as an internet tax office. In this internet tax office, informal trade is prevented with the Data Warehouse. In addition to these, what is EMKAS? Thanks to the “Electronic Accounting Record Archive System”, which is the answer to the question, they can make inquiries of taxpayers’ documents and declarations, and access them from the internet tax office, Vedop, and they can always access these documents in the digital environment by recording them in the archive. Also, since Vedop is an internet tax office, it allows people to do their work in the physical environment quickly and securely by archiving them digitally and keeping them under record.

Export Declaration Inquiry

We have also explained the declaration inquiry procedures in the texts titled What is Vedop and what is it good for. Export Declaration inquiry can also be done easily from this automation system, which is an internet tax office. This will both shorten the processing time for you and you will be aware of the taxes you are liable for while exporting. You can reach the interactive tax office at https://uygulama.gtb.gov.tr/BeyannameSorgulama/ or the website of the Revenue Administration, and you can access the declaration inquiry you want, tax debt payment, tax plate through the full automation system. Micro-exporting persons and institutions can also make ETGB inquiries from the same sites or view their past transactions from the archives. Exporters can easily query any tax-related data.

Frequently Asked Questions

One of the frequently asked questions is what does Vedop mean, and the answer is the Tax Offices Full Automation Project. Another name for this automation system is the interactive tax office. In this office, you can use the interactive tax office with tax documents integrated with the General Directorate of Customs for all tax-related transactions.

What does Vedop stand for?

What is Vedop, we opened it as “Tax Offices Full Automation Project”. The most important point of this automation project is that you can optimize your trade transaction process by quickly performing the transactions from the internet tax office by accessing the tax transaction you want from the website of the Revenue Administration or https://uygulama.gtb.gov.tr/BeyannameSorgulama/. The Internet tax office allows you to perform physical transactions without waiting in line. As a taxpayer, it is possible to pay tax debts, inquire about returns, and inquire about tax and tax plates according to income. You can also reach ETGB, which provides the digital document of micro-export, from here. Everything has been connected to the full automation system and the benefits of the electronic environment have been utilized.

What is Intac History?

After the question of what is Vedop, the history of intac is also a frequently asked question. There is an invoice opening date related to the export activity engaged in foreign trade. As this is the case, there is a closing date, that is, the date of receipt, according to the determination of the Ministry of Customs in exports. If the invoice dates and closing dates of the commercial activity are different, you can find out what kind of obligation there is regarding VAT by contacting this ministry. The date of import indicates that the exit of the goods that entered according to the customs declaration was closed during the customs procedures of both import and export goods. According to the Customs Legislation, the date on which the entry and exit of the import, export or import cargo is closed is called the date of import.

The Most Used Areas of Vedop

The answers to questions such as what is vedop, what does vedop do, what you can query; Vedop is the internet tax office and offers all the requirements of the digital environment to taxpayers. This system operates in an integrated manner with the institutions in the entire tax system. With this platform, access to important documents that need to be used in common has increased. When asked what are the areas where the interactive tax office is used the most, the answer is; micro exporters, people who want to look at the tax plate, those who want to make a declaration inquiry from the internet tax office. The most important feature of this internet tax office is that it is used in an integrated way in customs, by transferring tax liabilities, which information was obtained from banks, to the General Directorate of Customs, with the EBTIS “Electronic Bank Collection Operation System”.

How to Get a Vedop Password?

After all the answers to the question of what is Vedop, we can convey one more piece of information. This internet tax office is entered with the user code. To get the user code, he receives the code that can be used for the Internet Tax Office, namely Vedop, which is sent in a sealed envelope by the interactive tax office. This code is 8 digits. Each taxpayer can have only one code. When asked how to get a user password, the answer is your interactive tax office password if the 6-digit character that comes with the user code is. For security reasons, you can ensure account security by changing the password after logging into the interactive tax office with this password. The new password you will set should also be a hard password that does not contain 6-digit personal information. After changing your interactive tax office password, you should not share your password with anyone for your safety.

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