What is TASIS? What Does It Mean?

What is TASIS? What Does It Mean?

TASIS stands for General Directorate of Liquidation Affairs. TASIS institution deals with the sale of the products caught at the customs, to the people who can buy the goods. Sales transactions are determined according to the type and market values of the products that come here, and they are sold in accordance with the determined route. In short, it can be said that the answer to TASIS is the institution that carries out the sales process of the goods caught at the customs.

Sales with TASIS are offered to buyers in the form of auctions, retail and store sales methods. Sales methods are selected according to the type of product and its price in the market. TASIS offers the goods to the buyers that it can sell on its own website. Many products, vehicles or small items, sales declarations are offered to buyers on this website. In addition, the same transactions are carried out in the physical stores of TASIS. You can find the documents required to participate in these tenders in the sales made by the tender method on the website. Having these documents enables to participate in the tender. From the detention of these goods at the customs before the sale transactions, the follow-up and storage of the products are also carried out by the institution. The institution has sales stores, illegal goods warehouse, liquidation warehouse and storage areas.

What does TASIS do?

TASIS stands for General Directorate of Liquidation Affairs and the task of TASIS is to bring together the buyers in order to sell the goods seized at the customs. These goods are confiscated from time to time due to smuggling or the unconsciousness of the people passing through the customs. Generally, the confiscated products are detained due to non-compliance with the law by the people passing through the customs or due to the lack of knowledge of the people. Despite the act of turning the product in question into a smuggling product by malicious people, the products are detained and put up for sale by TASIS. After the answer to what is TASIS, the answer to the question of what is the job of TASIS and what does it do is below.

The answer to the question of what TASIS does is that it is obliged to sell the products caught at the customs gate to the buyers. When people unconsciously try to get more than the legal numbers determined in the law, the seized products or the products that try to be taken tax-free when a product from a different country enters Turkey are seized. These products are sold to buyers on TASIS’s website and physical stores. TASIS has an obligation to collect documents for its tenders. The required documents are explained in detail on the website. It is not possible to enter the tenders without these documents.

What is E-Tender?

The answer to the question of what is e-tender; It is an online bidding system carried out in an electronic environment. It is a method of selling and purchasing products that can be sold between institutions (B2B) through electronic bidding in the digital environment. The company that wants to purchase goods and services ensures that the transactions are carried out in a faster and more reliable environment by bringing together the companies that provide goods and services in the digital environment. The e-tender service easily meets the purchasing needs of companies. It is preferred by the buyers as the institutions provide price and service competition on the system. Real-time sales and purchases can be made with e-tender.

Benefits of e-sales or e-auction; This system, which has been moved to the digital environment, offers convenience for both parties in the trade, as it allows the desired product to be sold faster and the buyers the opportunity to participate in the procurement whenever they want in the environment they want. The possibility of purchasing services or goods from anywhere that can be connected to the Internet improves inter-institutional trade and contributes to the country’s economy. In addition, since price comparisons can be made with other institutions, you can get offers from many companies and institutions from where you live, you can make offers, and you can get the goods and services you want in the tenders at a fast and affordable price.

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