Creating a Shipping Profile for Etsy Sellers

Creating a Shipping Profile for Etsy Sellers
With the Low-Hang System, you don’t have to worry about shipping anything by yourself. But you need to set your prices or offer free shipping. And Etsy helps you make this process super easy by creating shipping profiles. Below,
  • For those new to using Etsy’s posting profiles, you’ll learn everything you need to know about Etsy posting.
  • You will learn how to set up profiles.
  • You will learn the difference between calculated and flat pricing.
You’ll also learn a few pricing strategies that can help you get more sales.

What You Need to Know About Creating Etsy Shipping Profiles

Etsy Post Profiles are preset posting options that you can assign to your listings. Etsy shipping profiles ensure that you don’t have to enter the same information over and over. They make the process of listing your items faster and easier. Also, if you need to bulk edit the posting information of your listings, you can do so much more efficiently if you have created posting profiles.

What’s the Difference Between Calculated and Fixed Shipping?

As an LHS member, you must choose the flat pricing option with your Etsy posting profiles. But it’s still good to know what each option means and how they differ.

Calculated Shipping

With shipping calculated, Etsy takes into account your location, the customer’s location, and the size and weight of your product to find the shipping cost for each order. In any of your listings with calculated shipping profiles, customers can enter their postal code or country to see what their shipping costs will be. Etsy says it defaults to the cheapest shipping method available for the item’s total weight and dimensions. However, calculated shipping is not available as an option for everyone. One of the following criteria must be met: Sellers selling larger items such as furniture often prefer calculated shipping as they are confident they will receive the correct amount for shipping from each customer based on where they live and how far the item needs to be shipped. For larger items this can be important. For smaller items it matters less. Another benefit is that when postage rates change, Etsy automatically includes these adjustments in your newly calculated shipping costs. Calculated shipping is helpful for sellers who want to purchase discounted postage directly from Etsy and then print the shipping labels themselves.

Fixed Shipping

But for LHS members, you don’t physically ship any of your items yourself and you have flat rate shipping charges, so it’s the flat shipping option you choose. And all that fixed shipping means that you, as the seller, set the price customers pay for all of your standard and international shipping options, unlike Etsy.

The Benefits of Free Shipping for First-Time Etsy Shop Owners

Etsy really encourages sellers to offer free shipping. And it might be a smart idea, especially if you’re a new seller looking to stimulate sales and reviews. According to Etsy, shoppers often say that what keeps them from shopping on Etsy more often is having to pay for shipping. Especially if shoppers are used to shopping on Amazon with Prime, they are used to free shipping and have started to expect it. Offering free shipping breaks the barrier between browsing and purchasing. Customers know what they have to pay upfront and won’t be surprised at any additional charges at checkout. As a new seller, you want to make it as easy as possible to say “yes” to doing business with you. However, it is clear that you do not want to lose money or make a profit by offering free shipping. So what you need to do is include your shipping costs in the prices of your listings.
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