How to Write SEO Compatible Content on Etsy? 5 Ways to Increase Visibility on Etsy

How to Write SEO Compatible Content on Etsy? 5 Ways to Increase Visibility on Etsy
In order to write SEO compatible articles for Etsy, the question of What is Etsy SEO must be answered first. Etsy SEO involves a process where an Etsy shop and its listings are optimized to rank higher in search results. SEO makes it easy for customers to find your products when searching on Google or the Etsy website. If shoppers can find your store easily, you have a better chance of selling to them rather than selling to your competitors. Overall, Etsy SEO can help drive sales and increase brand awareness.

How SEO Works for Etsy Sellers?

According to Etsy, when a buyer does a search, its algorithm does two things to determine the first results shoppers see:

Query Matching

Etsy kicks things off with a process called query matching. In the process, Etsy reviews the listings and puts together those that match the customer’s search query. Etsy does this by reviewing:
  • Titles
  • Labels
  • Categories
  • Attributes
These factors do not include photos or videos, but are vital to making it easy for customers to find your products or store. As we read, we’ll explore all the other areas that affect Etsy SEO.


After the query is matched, Etsy ranks all the matching listings according to the likelihood that each buyer will purchase the items. It takes into account the age, quality and relevance of the listing, and various other factors.

How to Rank High on Etsy?

To rank high on Etsy, make sure your product listings are optimized with relevant keywords in all titles, tags or product descriptions. Make sure you delight your customers by responding as soon as you notice issues, and try to use only high-quality photos and videos. Etsy also uses all of the following factors when deciding whether your store will appear on the first page of results or rank lower. Check it out and apply each point to your store: The relevance of the list. Etsy looks at a listing’s title, tags, categories, and attributes and tries to understand how well they match up with the buyer’s search. The closer the match, the higher your list will rank. The quality of the list. Etsy looks at a listing’s conversions to determine a metric called the listing quality score. The higher the conversion rate, the higher the listing score and ranking. The age of the list. Newer listings get a slight temporary increase in their rankings. This increase may take several hours or days, depending on the product’s search volume. This allows Etsy to understand how shoppers interact with each listing and affect the listing quality score.

SEO for Etsy: 5 Tips to Consider

Now that you know how Etsy’s search algorithm works, let’s talk about the practical steps you can take to rank your listings higher.

Find the Best Keywords for Etsy

Keywords are the building blocks of your Etsy SEO strategy. The first thing Etsy does when processing a buyer’s search query is to scan its listing inventory to find the best matches for the user’s search terms. That’s why it’s so important to find the best keywords for your Etsy listings.

Optimize Key Components of Your Input

Once you know which keywords to use, include them in your listing. When matching queries, Etsy looks at the listing components below to see if they match a buyer’s search. Review them and make sure they’re optimized for search.

Optimize Your Ad Content

Having a listing that aligns with a buyer’s search is a good start, but it’s not the only deciding factor for ranking high in search results. While a keyword-optimized listing is a must, having strong visuals and a professionally written copy is just as important because they lead to conversions. As mentioned earlier, Etsy’s algorithm takes a listing’s conversion rate into account when deciding on a position in search results. The more people who click on a listing and buy the product, the higher the listing’s quality score. This will increase your ranking.

Keep Your Etsy Customer and Market Experience Score High

Etsy’s search algorithm takes customer and market experience score into account for rankings. This is a metric that gives Etsy an idea of how satisfied customers are with your store.

Offer Competitive Shipping Prices

Etsy knows that its customers are more likely to buy from sellers who don’t charge much for shipping. Because the site wants customers to complete a purchase, it favors listings with lower shipping costs. It can be difficult to keep your shipping costs down, especially if you don’t have a large profit margin, but there are a few creative tactics to try.

How Long Does Etsy SEO Take to Work?

Etsy SEO takes about four to six weeks to work. The exact time required is unknown and depends on all the points explored in this article. One thing’s for sure, though, and you’re more likely to see SEO improvements if you follow the tips A to Z in this guide closely.

It is Totally Possible to Win The Etsy SEO Game

You’ll need more than the right keywords to rank on a search engine as advanced as Etsy’s. Implementing a successful Etsy SEO strategy requires a combination of:
  • Selling the products people are looking for,
  • Implementing technical search engine optimization tactics,
  • To be a fair and communicative seller.
Get all 3 components right and win the Etsy SEO game.
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