In all international road transports, crossings between countries are carried out within the framework of various bilateral agreements and protocols. The transport agreements made in road transport and the decisions to be made by the countries determine all the international transport protocols of these countries. While some of the countries require various criteria from the vehicles that will directly pass, some countries apply annual quotas in bilateral relations.


Limitations are imposed on road vehicles in the implementation of quotas in road transport, the number of trucks that will pass through the country in transit, the number of trucks that will be left full after entering the country empty, and similar transactions. Vehicles that can pass within the scope of the quota, on the other hand, need various transition documents in bilateral relations. Dozvola, on the other hand, is defined as a transit document used for freight and goods transportation in cases where there are various quota restrictions between countries. So, what is dozvola and what are the uses of the dozvola pass?


What is Dozvola?

Dozvola is the name given to the document required for vehicles to pass in quota agreements between countries in bilateral road transport transactions. Dozvola pass document is used for road vehicles to pass through country borders and customs in quota transactions applied annually or periodically depending on the agreements signed between countries. Although there are different types of dosvola, there are also types of vehicles that can pass without the need for a transit document, even if a quota agreement has been made for crossings between countries.


Countries that have a quota agreement for dozvola transition documents pay an annual dozvola certificate fee among themselves. Dosvola documents, which countries receive for a fee at the beginning of each year, are given to transportation companies and trucks for a fee. Thus, the number of vehicles that can transport between countries is determined at the beginning of each year.


Dozvola Transition Certificate

Dozvola pass certificate is obtained within the framework of quota agreements made in bilateral country relations. Documents are received reciprocally by each country. Dosvola quotas received are allocated to trucks and logistics companies by countries for certain fees. Dosvola distribution of each country is carried out by the relevant institutions. In our country, dozvola certificate is distributed by the institutions appointed by the Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey or by the chamber of commerce. Distributions are made at border gates by institutions authorized by TOBB. Offices belonging to institutions are used at border gates for Dozvola distributions.


In order to apply for the Dozvola certificate, companies or truck owners must have the C2 authorization certificate issued by the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure. At the same time, additional documents are requested from the vehicles of the company that will transfer cargo abroad, when deemed necessary.


How to Get Dozvola Certificate?

Various documents are requested from companies that want to obtain a Dozvola certificate. Dozvola certificates Institutions authorized by TOBB distribute dozvola certificates at customs borders. Companies that will apply for the Dozvola certificate must first have a C2 authorization certificate. Applications for the C2 authorization certificate are distributed by the institutions authorized by the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure.


Companies that will apply for a Dozvola certificate should apply to the authorized institutions at the customs border gates. In addition to the C2 authorization certificate, various documents are also requested from the companies in the applications for the dozvola certificate. The documents required to obtain a Dozvola pass can be listed as follows:

Dozvola certificate application petition (The route of the document and the requested documents must be specified in the petition.),

The original and photocopy of the vehicle card,

Notarized power of attorney (It must be signed by the company official or officials),

Customs Exit Declaration.


Trucks wishing to obtain a Dozvola pass must also pay attention to various conditions. Dosvola certificate cannot be allocated for vehicles that have already departed abroad. For this reason, if the vehicles need a dozvola certificate for their transit passage, all the necessary documents must be allocated before the vehicle goes abroad. It is sufficient to have the stamp of the shipping company on the received documents. It is also necessary that no data other than the stamp should be added to the document.


Vehicles that want to exit abroad must first have a dosvola certificate suitable for the country they will transit or directly pass through. After the dosvola certificate is obtained from the authorized distribution offices, the customs exit registration procedures must be completed in order for the vehicles to exit.


Types of Dozvola

Dozvola documents are allocated within certain limits, depending on the agreements made between the countries that apply quotas in their bilateral relations. Dozvola documents also have various usage areas and types allocated to different vehicles. Truck and transportation companies should have the appropriate document types according to the transportation operations they will carry out. Today, dozvola types are generally divided into two according to their intended use. These are:


Transit Dozvola: It is used in cases where trucks that will transport goods between countries need to transit from different countries to reach another country. In cases where it is necessary to enter the borders of different countries in order to arrive at the final destination country where the transport is intended to be carried out, it is necessary to obtain a transit dozvola certificate.


Double Dozvola: It is used in transportation operations that pass directly from the country of loading to the country of destination without a transit pass. For the double dose volley to be valid, entry must be made directly from the country of origin to the country of final destination. Trucks that pass directly from the country of import to the country of export must have a double dozvola certificate.


Dozvola Prices

Dozvola prices are generally determined according to commercial agreements between countries. At the beginning of each year, countries buy documents with a certain number of quotas for their own use by repeating agreements. Dosvola transition documents are also allocated over the prices determined in the agreements made. For this reason, it is necessary to apply to the institutions that have official authority in the distribution of the dosvola pass certificate for the document prices. The received documents provide a certain number of right of way for each company. For this reason, companies that have filled the right of way must re-apply to the authorized institutions and re-allocate the relevant document.


What are the Vehicle and Transportation Types Exempted from Dozvola Certificates?

Dozvola transit documents must be available to all trucks and transportation companies that will carry out transit or direct transits and goods transfer. However, in some exceptional cases or in certain types of vehicles and transport, it is not necessary to use transitional documents. Vehicles and transportation types that do not need to use a transit document to pass through countries are generally as follows:


  • Fire brigade and ambulance vehicles both in transit and directly entering the final country,
  • In natural disasters or various emergencies, in the passage of vehicles carrying drugs, medical equipment or various materials,
  • In funeral transports,
  • In the transportation of mail and similar loads to be carried out within the framework of public service,
  • In case the vehicles encounter malfunctions, accidents or similar negative situations,
  • For cargo and goods transports to be carried out within the framework of the UBAK document,
  • Vehicles with a load capacity of less than 3.5 tons do not require a dosing certificate in case they enter the transit or final country.


Within the framework of the situations given above, a dosvola certificate is not requested from the vehicles in the final country entrances or transit passes. It is sufficient for these vehicles to transmit the documents explaining the above situation at the border gates at the border gates to the authorized unit at the border gates.

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