What is ATA Carnet?

What is ATA Carnet?

In import and export transactions to be carried out to all countries that are members of the Temporary Import Agreement, the ATA certificate is used to minimize the required documents and speed up the transactions. In all international trades to be made to countries that are members of the Temporary Import Agreement, also known as the Istanbul Convention in short, temporary import or export transactions of the relevant goods can be carried out without the use of documents. Thus, it is ensured that companies carry out these transactions in a much shorter time.


Today, all transactions carried out within the scope of the ATA carnet and the ATA system; It is regulated by the International Chamber of Commerce (ISS), the World ATA Carnet Council (WATAC) and the World Federation of Chambers (WCF). All officials officially appointed by different countries also carry out transactions as guarantors in these institutions. All ATA carnet transactions of the countries are regulated by the guarantor organizations appointed by the countries.


What are the Usage Purposes of the Ata Carnet?

The ATA carnet is generally used for companies serving in the import and export sector to complete their temporary import transactions in a much shorter time. The International ATA system can be used by different units such as institutions and organizations, individuals or customs authorities. In order for the ration card to be used, all goods and goods to be imported must be evaluated within the framework of temporary importation procedures. However, institutions must have fulfilled all the conditions required from them in order to obtain an ATA carnet and have a carnet before importing.


The main purpose of the ATA carnet is to ensure that all companies, persons or institutions that will import or export are evaluated within the scope of temporary importation transactions and carry out all transactions in a shorter time without using documents. During the import of the goods that are evaluated within the scope of ATA carnet and therefore covered by the International guarantee, there is no need for the company or customs to submit documents during the transaction. Instead of all the documents requested from the companies during the import, the ATA document is checked during the transactions. Control and processing of ATA documents are carried out by the customs administrations after the certificate is received by the holder.


ATA Carnets are generally valid for 1 year. Various advantages are offered to companies in the use of the document in import transactions in general. In a classical import process, in cases where all the goods to be imported need to pass through different country borders on the route, the relevant procedures are repeated by each customs administration and detailed examinations of these goods are carried out. However, if an ATA carnet is obtained, the document is not valid in only one country. Instead, products with ATA certificate can cross the borders of different countries without the need for a certificate until the certificate validity date on the way.


Basically, a company with an ATA carnet can import all its products to more than one country thanks to the advantages of temporary importation. Products with an ancestral carnet can be imported as well as re-exported. Thus, certificate holder companies can benefit from temporary import advantages in both import and various export transactions.


ATA Carnet Transactions

In order to use ATA certificate in international import and re-export transactions, companies must first apply with ATA carnet transactions. The route to be followed during the application generally varies according to the content of the product. The security fees to be shown for the document also vary according to the total market value of the products.


While applying for an ATA carnet, there is no requirement for companies or organizations to have been accepted beforehand. For this reason, all companies that will carry out their transactions within the scope of temporary importation can apply for an ATA carnet. In order for the ATA carnet application to be approved, the companies must fully prepare all the information requested from them regarding the product and the transaction. The documents requested from the companies during the ATA carnet application can be briefly stated as follows:


  • The nature of the product to be imported,
  • The brand and number of the item,
  • The packing list showing the amount of goods to be imported and the total value of the goods,
  • A document stating that a guarantee has been given to any of the Chambers authorized with the distribution of ATA carnets, depending on the value of the product to be imported.


Application letter for ATA carnet

In the application to be made for the ATA carnet, two different documents are generally requested from the companies. First of all, companies are required to submit all explanatory information about the product they want to import in their applications to any of the authorized chambers. It is very important for the application to be submitted together with the application petition, along with the documents stating the nature, brand, number, weight and value of the goods. However, during the ATA Carnet application, the guarantee must be delivered to the Chamber to which the application is made, according to the price of the product to be imported. The guarantees can be made according to the item type and value as follows: Cash, Bank Letter of Guarantee.


It should be stated that the letter of guarantee to be received is received in the name of the products specified for temporary import, in case the transaction is made with a bank letter of guarantee instead of the cash payment method during the guarantee transactions. All letters of guarantee that do not contain the phrase “Goods within the Scope of ATA Carnet” on the bank letter of guarantee to be received are rejected by the relevant Chambers. The collateral value on the letter of guarantee can be determined in Turkish Lira or foreign currency.

The unit of the amount shown as collateral is at the initiative of the importer. According to the regulations applied on the ATA carnet today, the company must pay a minimum of 50% of the value of the goods as collateral during the document application. Guarantees lower than this rate are also rejected by the chambers and the application for an ATA carnet results in negative results.


Applications for the ATA carnet in our country are made through the official website of TOBB. In ATA carnet applications made through electronic media, all the information requested from the companies must be uploaded to the system in addition to the application. ATA carnet applications made with missing documents are rejected by TOBB. During the ATA carnet application, companies must pay the carnet application fee as well as submit the documents showing that the guarantees for the relevant goods have been paid.


Today, applications for ATA carnet are stated as 300 TL. The report card fee must also be paid before the application and a receipt or various documents showing that this fee has been paid must be submitted during the application. After the application is approved, the ATA certificate can be used for a maximum of 1 year and up to 4 units for the related products. In case the document usage amount is exceeded or the usage period expires, the company must apply for an ATA carnet again and re-supply the document.


ATA Carnet Example

The ATA carnet example is among the most basic aids in how to use the document, especially for companies that have just entered the international trade sector. Although the ATA carnet does not have a clear template today, document structures vary depending on the institution where the document is prepared or approved. However, there should be various sections on the ATA carnet that must be stated about the goods. In addition, the date of creation of the document, the information of the person or company using the document and the information of the institution or Chamber where the document was taken should also be included on the scorecard.

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