What is ETGB? How to Query?

What is ETGB? How to make an inquiry? These and similar questions are asked a lot with the recent increase in micro exports. In addition, with the development of international trade, the questions of what is ETGB and how to query have increased in order to shorten the transaction processes of export and import companies with digital transactions. The answer to what ETGB is; It can be given as an electronic declaration or e-invoice used by trading companies or individuals and organizations in their sales and purchases abroad. Thanks to this document, which is prepared in a digital environment, foreign buying and selling transactions are faster. This contract is not a declaration prepared by the customs consultants, it is arranged between the transport intermediary companies and the institution that wants to carry out the transaction. It is also accepted by people who trade as micro-exports.


What is ETGB? After the explanation of the question, it is wondered how to query the transactions. Related query “What is Vedop?” It can be done easily from this automation system, which is also mentioned in our article and is an internet tax office. After making the ETGB query from this link https://uygulama.gtb.gov.tr/BeyannameSorgulama/, it will be able to query your current and historical data from your archive information in a short time. Processes for import and export are thus arranged.


How and Where to Make an ETGB Inquiry?

What is ETGB inquiry, how-to answers; Electronic commerce customs declaration inquiry is a digital declaration used in import and export. It is prepared in online environments. Persons who want to make an ETGB inquiry must first enter the information of the cargo in question on the inquiry pages of the contracted companies. Persons who want to make inquiries can perform the inquiry by typing the bill of lading number prepared for the product in the relevant box on the inquiry page. In this way, electronic declaration inquiries are made, and information such as the date and number to be reached can be reached in a short time.


Since ETGB is also referred to as micro export, it is important to process taxes such as VAT while doing this. In other words, ETGB is the digital version of the guarantee document given to companies that are shipping carriers. Electronic declaration and export declaration arrangements still face the costs of packing lists arrangements, but these costs are not included in the customs process. This digital system, which is a lucrative business model for companies and institutions as transactions are made easier in micro-exports or in terms of sales abroad with electronic transactions, creates a great opportunity for the entrepreneurs of countries that sell abroad and makes it easier for companies to reach abroad. Companies  Turkey and in the world can enter global markets more easily with this method.


What is an ETGB Form? How Is It Organized?

What is the Electronic Commerce Customs Declaration forum? How is it arranged? ETGB, which is called the export dump document issued to digital media for cargoes not exceeding 15,000 Euros and 30 kg in exports, is the identity document of the commercial goods in mini export in terms of its content. How is the ETGB form arranged? This document, which is an electronic declaration, can be answered by filling in the forms waiting to be filled on the express cargo websites with the relevant information about the product. In order for people to process this type of export with an electronic document, they must enter a lot of information about the product into these documents available on the sites. This information is very necessary for the goods not to be lost during the journey and to pass through customs. The information contained in the ETGB document is the bill of lading number, necessary addresses, tax numbers and other information about the product.


Information Contained in the ETGB Form

This document, which is an electronic commerce customs declaration or an e-export contract for micro export, is the document used by individuals and institutions for import and export. This information also tells us “What is ETGB?” It also gives the answer to the question. How to make an ETGB inquiry? After our answer to the question, the following information can be easily accessed from the information contained in the ETGB form during the ETGB inquiry. In addition, all the information contained in this form must be known to all trading parties.


  • Waybill number
  • Exporter company name
  • Tax number and office
  • Exporter company address
  • Relevant person and contact information, telephone and fax number and e-mail address
  • Exporter bank information
  • Type of item
  • GTIP no
  • Number of items
  • Item value
  • Payment method
  • Number of containers
  • Net kg
  • Gross kg
  • Finance certified invoice information | Invoice number and invoice date
  • Origin of the item
  • Documents to go with the goods
  • Buyer company
  • Recipient company address


ETGB Export

First of all, the answer to the question of what is export; In short, it can be explained as selling the service and product from the source country to foreign countries. Thus, foreign currency is introduced into the country. With its long explanation, “What is export?” We can explain the most comprehensive question as bringing products and services produced in one country to another country with the target of sales. E-export is one method of this.


ETGB export stands for electronic commerce customs declaration. It can also be called micro-export by the exporters. The said sale transaction has a limit of 150 kg and 7.500 Euro. This form of export is carried out with express companies. As examples of companies, we can give examples of PTT, UPS and DHL companies. Among the advantages of this fast export, it can be shown that you do not pay any storage and declaration fees to the customs consultancy. This form of trade shortens the process and paperwork as it does not require a power of attorney. You can collect VAT on your shipment, thus saving you money. After the how-to, the required documents should be complete.


There are documents required for ETGB export, these are; Indirect representation authorization document, work order or micro export shipment information form, original finance approved invoices and Turkish invoice and English invoice for abroad are required.


ETGB Import

What is import? How is it done? Imports are the services and products produced abroad that pass through the customs clearance and logistics processes to Turkey and mix with the market and add to the current figures. It is available in the ETGB version of this import form.


The product conditions that are realized with ETGB and desired to be sent are the weight and value of the cargo must not exceed the upper limit of 30 kg and 15,000 Euros, it is important that the content does not have commercial value and that it is a sample, the cargo can be declared within the scope of ETGB with the evaluation prepared by the customs consultant and the authorization instruction of the express services must be signed by the institution. In addition, the transport of the import products that have no commercial value for the product you want to send can be carried out within the scope of ETGB without the need

for a power of attorney.


ETGB import documents to be given; Stamped and signed export information form, Turkish invoice certified by finance, English/German or an invoice in the language preferred by the outgoing country to be used in the declaration in the countries that will enter the market. Thanks to these documents, it is possible for a country to introduce goods from Turkey to another market. The process proceeds smoothly, provided that it does not exceed 15,000 Euros and 30 kg in monetary value.


What is Micro Export?

What is micro export? How is it done? Goods and services originating from Turkey are carried out with micro, with less than 300 kilograms and an invoice amount of 15,000 Euros or less, excluding VAT. Therefore, micro exporters can easily carry out their activities without the need for a customs consultant and by minimizing bureaucracy. The answer to the question of how it is done is to use the cost and time in the best way by preparing an electronic commerce customs declaration for international sales under 15,000 Euros. Many institutions, especially PTT, UPS and DHL, can arrange ETGB. SMEs can easily enter foreign markets with micro issuance. While issuing these documents, you can send them in Turkish and English via the courier company they want to work with.


It is easy in terms of micro export and preparation of documents. Therefore, individuals and small-medium sized businesses can easily do this. Making these transactions digitally reduces the margin of error and confusion to much lower levels. Care should be taken in terms of the number of inquiries and preparations. The use of express carriers may prefer sea, rail, air, and land routes while transporting cargo.


Who has the Authority to Arrange the ETGB Form?

The answer to the question of what is ETGB is the electronic declaration used by companies or individuals and organizations doing business in their sales and purchases abroad. Thanks to this document, which is prepared in a digital environment, its use is very common in terms of faster and mostly accurate information for buying and selling abroad. The answer to how to make the query is; https://uygulama.gtb.gov.tr/BeyannameSorgulama/ ETGB inquiry can be done easily. Express companies, which undertake the carrier, are authorized to issue this document before the inquiry of the cargo. The reason for this is provided by the power of attorney given to the company during the transaction. With this declaration, your import transactions begin. Thanks to these documents issued by the operators, micro import and export foreign sales of individuals under 15,000 Euros are realized by preparing an electronic commerce customs declaration.


What is ETGB Coverage?

What is ETGB, how it is done, what is its scope are frequently asked questions. It is the sending of the products by air and land to other countries with fast cargo transportation of products under 15,000 Euros. All documents of incoming or outgoing goods are prepared with digital media, these declarations are called electronic commerce customs declaration. Since there is no paper and output expenditure, fast transactions take place without errors. You can make the sale by editing the ETGB. You carry this sale after contracting with various companies and trading with less liability. Due to its cost and advantage, digital commerce contributes to the country’s economy.


According to ETGB, authorized express cargo operators prepare declarations instead of consignors and consignees. Within the scope of this application; Customs processes of the products paid for for personal use, management by authorized express cargo operators, and performing any process as if they had taken the product from the domestic market without dealing with any procedure, also reducing the customs declaration cost of micro-scale or mini-exporters, allowing the export process to be carried out easily, and companies are entitled to a tax refund.


What is the ETGB Declaration?

How to make a declaration inquiry was also mentioned in the above-mentioned texts titled What is ETGB and what does it do? The ETGB declaration contains information such as bill of lading number, exporter company name, tax number and office, exporter company address, contact information of relevant persons and institutions, telephone and fax numbers and e-mail addresses, origin of the cargo, documents to be sent along with the goods and GTIP number. This declaration is considered the identity of the cargo. The answer to the question of how to make a declaration inquiry in cases where it is necessary to query the declaration information of those who are interested in micro export; Export Declaration inquiry can also be done easily from the VEDOP system, which is the internet tax office.



This will shorten the time of your export and import transactions, and you will be aware of the taxes you are liable for while exporting. You can access the interactive tax office and ETGB inquiries from the address https://uygulama.gtb.gov.tr/BeyannameSorgulama/ or the website of the Revenue Administration, through the full automation system for querying the declaration you want, the date of the documents, the number of the cargo, paying the tax debt, and the tax plate.


What is Mini Export?

The answer to the question of what is mini export and how to do it, mini export means micro export. ETGB is used here. The documents required in the customs processes in mini export are the same as in micro exports. These; indirect representation authorization certificate, work order and mini export shipment information form, real invoice approved by the finance department, Turkish invoice for abroad and English invoice or an invoice in the language preferred by the destination country.


Mini-exports, that is, micro-exports, can easily carry out their activities without the need for a customs consultant and by minimizing bureaucracy. The answer to the question of how to make a mini export is made by preparing the electronic commerce customs declaration without the need for a customs consultant for international sales under 15,000 Euros. In this way, cost and time are used in the best way. Many institutions, especially PTT, UPS and DHL, can arrange ETGB. SMEs can easily enter foreign markets with micro issuance. While issuing these documents, you can send them in Turkish and English via the courier company they want to work with. Express companies take responsibility for you and help the process to progress quickly and healthily.

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