What is Palette? What are the Sizes and Types?

What is Palette? What are the Sizes and Types?

We can answer the question of what is a pallet as a transport platform made of wood and wood, metal, plastic or a mixture of these materials. Pallet types; It can be adjusted to be the most ideal for packaged products, in the form of a crate or divided into sizes and types according to the safest product need of the products. Thanks to these product types in logistics, storage and construction activities, the products are transported without any damage. Size and types of pallets; Euro, wood and wood, plastic, epal, heat treated types, CP, turpal, special sizes vary, the sizes of the types can be reshaped according to the production and special requests of the companies.


In addition, the size of the varieties differs from country to country. These materials and their types are determined according to areas such as containers, trucks, warehouses, ports or planes, and plastic and wood sizes are reclassified according to the place used. Their durability varies according to the material, so the selection of pallets suitable for the product is important. The dimensions of the products with Euro, plastic types can be adjusted according to the needs of the companies or the prices of the product.


What are Pallet Types and Dimensions?

After explaining what a pallet is, its size and types, when looked in detail, this product is necessary for almost all products in foreign trade that need physical transportation. Therefore, it is the number one equipment of logistics activities. These equipments, which are used in railways, destinations on the river line, and facilitate the displacement of products at each destination and exit point of the supply chain, differ in size, size and types. However, when using standard pallets, the height of the products is 10 cm, to be suitable for forklifts. International pallet types are standard; Euro, wood, plastic, epal, heat treated types, CP, turpal, special sizes. Its size, width and size can be adjusted according to the expectations of the companies.


Euro Pallet Dimensions

The question of what is a Euro pallet is important in terms of its dimensions and widths for companies that will transport their goods in trade. The dimensions of this Euro or EUR EPA pallet are 80×120 cm, 100×120 cm, 120×100 cm and 60×80 cm in accordance with the European Pallet Association standards. 80×120 cm Euros are generally used for upload and download destinations. Their varieties consist of 80 pieces of wood, with an average weight of 35 kilograms and 45,234 dm3. The distributed load carrying capacity of the Euro standard is 1500 kg. In addition to all these, these varieties according to European standards; It needs to be joined with 78 nails made of EUR/EPAL pallet standard wood. The outer dimension of the Euro standard is 1,200 mm x 800 mm x 144 mm.


Standard Pallet Dimensions

After the question of what is the pallet, what are the types of size has been answered, and now the answer to the question of what is the standard pallet size is no different from the Euro standard. These are standard sizes of 80×120 cm for use in the transport of commercial goods determined by the International Union of Railways. Acceptance conditions for these varieties in foreign trade should be according to the UIC 435-2 instruction. Euro outer size and dimensions of these types should be 1200x800x144 mm according to the instructions given. In addition, the nail and material types to be used in the material measurement and assembly work of the Euro standards are also specified in this instruction. The products whose production is controlled by international authorities and which meet the determined standards are used in the market. Standard pallets are also called Euro pallets, and they are also highly preferred for organizations looking for environmentally friendly solutions in terms of repair and repeated use.


What are Pallet Types by Material?

After the questions of what is the Euro pallet, what is the standard pallet size, and what are the pallet types according to the material, the answers to the questions are given here. According to the material, the product types vary according to the loading destinations such as ports, railways, and airports. Other types are determined according to size and material after types such as Euro and standard. Kinds; wood, wood, corrugated fiber, chipboard, metal and plastic, two-sided, four-sided, block, and beam pallets.


Pallets made of chipboard are made by shaping organic mixtures of wood and sawdust components by providing a high pressure and temperature environment. According to its features, it competes with wood and wood in terms of storage volume. The pallet made of chipboard has no metal elements, thus minimizing the risk of damage to the goods during transportation. Compared to wood and wood, their load carrying capacities are similar. Since they are produced from less quality materials, they are not affected by the changes in raw material prices. Since chipboards are affected by weather conditions, they should be stored in low humidity environments and in the right conditions for chipboard.


Wood and Wooden Pallet Dimensions

The dimensions and widths of wooden boards and pallets most used in international loading and unloading destinations have been determined in the most appropriate way for ports, railways and other loading and unloading points. The fact that the materials of these products, which are the logistics equipment in the market, are wood or wood, is the most preferred reason for the companies using it. Thanks to the size and wide usage area of wood and wood, its use is increasing every year. It is ideal for the solutions of environmentally friendly and sustainable companies due to the rapid dissolution of materials such as wood and wood in nature. However, since it is easier to be damaged after use than other types, the destruction and repair of damaged products cause additional costs. For this reason, although it is highly preferred, additional solutions at its prices cannot be applied by many companies.


The dimensions of wood and wood products can be listed as follows in airport, ship port and road shipments, which are very important equipment of the transportation sector, wood and wood usage areas:


EUR, dimensions for EUR 1;

  • It measures 800 mm x 1200 mm x 144 mm,
  • Its weight is 25 kg (+, -) 2 kg.
  • Its volume is 0.13 m3
  • Its carrying capacity is 1500 kg.
  • Stacking capacity is 2000 kg.


For EUR 2;

  • It measures 1200 mm x 1000 mm x 144 mm,
  • Its weight is 30 kg (+, -) 3 kg.
  • Its volume is 0.17 m3
  • Its carrying capacity is 1250 kg.
  • Stacking capacity is 4250 kg.


For EUR 3;

  • It measures 1000 mm x 1200 mm x 144 mm,
  • Its weight is 30 kg (+, -) 3 kg.
  • Its volume is 0.17 m3
  • Its carrying capacity is 1500 kg.
  • Stacking capacity is 4500 kg.


Plastic Pallet Dimensions

Plastic Pallet DimensionsAfter the question of what are wooden and wooden pallets, as an answer to the question of what are plastic ones; There are many uses of plastic pallets. As plastic types; They can be classified as open plastic, closed plastic, light plastic, hygienic flat and flake patterned plastic, plastic industrial type plastic products. Which varieties are used depends on the products of the companies that prefer, one of the reasons for choosing plastic products is that they are practical and durable compared to many types. Due to the high initial investment costs of plastic, it is a little less preferred. Companies that prefer plastic pallets can get efficiency as soon as possible from these plastics, which have an average life of 100 transports. It is a difficult species to take damage.


For Flat Top (Hygienic) Plastic;


  • 80 cm x 120 cm x 17.5 cm
  • Its weight is 21.25 kg.


Covered Plastic

  • 80 cm x 120 cm x 14 cm
  • Its weight is 11.00 kg.

Perforated Top Plastic

  • 80 cm x 120 cm x 14.5 cm
  • Its weight is 11 kg.

Interlocking Plastic

  • 80 cm x 120 cm x 13 cm
  • Its weight is 5.70 kg.

Four Input Plastic

  • 100 cm x 120 cm x 14.5 cm
  • Its weight is 15.80 kg.


Plastic pallet options according to other sizes and types;

  • Euro pallet
  • Standard
  • 110×130 cm
  • 60×80 cm
  • 110×120 cm

can be produced in accordance with the needs of the companies.


How Many Cm Is A Pallet?

It is important to use these products for loading and unloading products in logistics, warehouses and constructions with minimum effort and minimum damage. What is a pallet, what are the types of materials, what is it produced from? It is divided into wooden, wooden, corrugated fiber, chipboard, plastic ones, two-sided, four-sided, block, and beam pallets, and the Euro standard size is 110 cm × 130 cm.


How Much Are Standard Pallet Prices?

Pallet prices vary according to the material it is produced and whether it is second hand, for sale or scrap. With the second hand prices being very reasonable, it creates second-hand alternatives for the prices of the products for the companies. Another alternative is the scrap ones, which are preferred by many companies in the market. It is preferred because the prices of the scrap are far below the market.


How Much Are Euro Pallet Prices?

We have made explanations such as what is a Euro pallet above, and their sizes are listed as small and large according to world standards. These products, which differ in each type, price and size, must be obtained from manufacturers meeting European standards. It is important to use these pallets, whose raw material is wood, which is very important from nails to other materials. Therefore, supply from companies that meet standard prices.


How Much Are Plastic Pallet Prices?

What are the plastic products, where to buy, what are the prices, what are the Euro standard products and what are the other types, the answer to the question of what are the prices of plastic products changes with each market fluctuation. Plastic pallets, which can also be produced according to special sizes, vary in price according to their color, size and feature. For this reason, prices have been a determining feature for product quality in plastic products.


How Many Kilos Is a Pallet?

Pallet in English is “pallet”.

This product is indispensable when installing or downloading a product, being practical and – unharmed. The weight of the product varies depending on whether it is wood, wood, Euro standard and plastic, with many varieties. Wooden and wooden ones can be at least 750 kg, other kilos may vary according to their production purpose.

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